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The Story

Woodley's Jeweller's has been Gananoque's local Jewellery store since 1929, with four generations of Woodley's proudly serving the 1000 Island's and Limestone Area. 
We specialize in custom jewellery, watch repairs and jewellery repairs which are done by our in-house goldsmith, Peter Woodley.
Woodley's is soon to be passed down to the fourth generation, Ashley and Luke Woodley.  Ashley is currently preparing to train as a goldsmith to keep the custom-work and repairs an in-house quality service. Previous generations of the Woodley's have been equipped with goldsmith and watchmaking skills. The art of jewellery is in our blood. 

The 109 King St. E  building in which Woodley's Jeweller's operates today has been their home since the 1930's.       
The Woodley's Jeweller's building is one of the oldest buildings in Gananoque. This building has seen many faces and has provided a space to offer a quality local service for close to a century.
Woodley's Jeweller's has been through its ups and downs; in 1954 the building was almost at its end due to a fire. However, the building was luckily saved by Gerald Woodley and Jack Truesdell who where both Fireman.  Jack just happened to be Marjorie Woodley's brother.  The shop and its jewels were saved! You can see the original newspaper posting in the photo gallery. 

The newest pieces in the store is handpicked at trade shows in Toronto and we will be visiting shows in Tuscan. 

We are always happy to take custom orders, as well as custom creations. Peter can assist you in creating something special.
We have a cad program available that can take your photo and turn it into a finished product.  Example, ring, pendant or whatever.  They do a rendering before casting,  for your email approval. 
Ashley and Peter do many of the in house repairs that include sizing, chain repair engraving, jewellery cleaning etc.
When a custom order is out of our ability, our orders are sent to a long time contact in Toronto, Ontario.

With the help of our long-time employees, we are sure to suit your needs and help you find just what you're looking for.
From a gift for your special one, a new piece of art or a handbag for the next night out Woodley's is your local Gananoque and Kingston area Jewellery shop. We carry a large selection of rings, earrings, necklaces, and watches in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials to suit your needs. We also provide customer jewellery services for one of a kind pieces. 


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